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Daniel Silveira hired a friend’s surveillance company with parliamentary quota and no PF record

RIO – Federal deputy Daniel Silveira (PSL-RJ) hired a company without registration with the Federal Police (PF), owned by a personal friend, to carry out his security. Payments were made with money from the parliamentary quota of the Chamber of Deputies. The company has as a commercial director a colleague of Daniel, a military police officer accused of torture.

This Tuesday morning, Federal Police agents were at the headquarters of the Global Company to collect documents and check the operation of the company. According to the rules established by the Federal Police, enterprises that operate in the provision of property surveillance services, transportation of valuables, armed escorts and personal security must be accredited and inspected by the PF. But, according to the corporation, Global is not authorized to provide any of these services.

Since taking office in 2019, Silveira has regularly paid R $ 8,000 a month to the Global Company, from Petrópolis (RJ), referring to “personal security and surveillance services”. The company, founded in 2012, claims in its registration with the Federal Revenue to carry out “private security and surveillance activities”. However, it does not have the formal permission to act in the area, granted throughout the country by the PF.

Global has already received R $ 184 thousand paid, according to data from the Chamber. Silveira is second only to Flávio Nogueira, from the PDT of Piauí, who has spent R $ 187.3 thousand since the beginning of this legislature with this type of service.

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The company is owned by Krav Maga instructor Carlos Eduardo Passos de Paula. To GLOBO, Paula said that she has known the deputy since 2005, when they studied law at the same institution, and that she has provided “monitoring, intelligence and personal security” services since the election, when Silveira was a pre-candidate. The expense, however, is not included in the expenses of campaigns submitted to the TSE in 2018.

– Since 2004 I know Daniel by sight in the city, I knew that he was security, but I started to get closer in 2005, at the Faculty of Law. I didn’t have much friendship, but as I have several people, policemen, who work with me, I was introduced and we started talking. In 2016 we met, me for Krav Maga, he for Muay Thai, we had more things in common, but at no time for politics – he said.

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Paula states that the amount received is adequate in view of the costs of security. The service, in turn, is provided in the state of Rio de Janeiro, according to him. In Brasília, security is the responsibility of the Chamber itself

Among the company’s employees and police officers is the military officer Vinicius de Amorim Tosta, a defendant accused of submitting six young people to a torture session in Santa Teresa, in the Central Region of Rio de Janeiro, on Christmas Eve, in 2015. He was even arrested for the crime, but today he divides his role as PM with the position of Global Commercial Director, providing consultancy in the area.

In videos and company events, he presents himself as responsible for Global’s commercial area. On Facebook, Tosta appears with the profile of the deputy in the cycle of friendships. The two were together in the same period in the Military Police, performing similar jobs. During the period when Tosta committed the crime at UPP Fallet / Fogueteiro, Silveira worked at UPP in Rocinha.

At that time, the five young men who were returning from a party in the Santo Amaro community, in Catete, were reportedly assaulted with a hot knife and a lighter. They were also forced to stay naked on the street and practice oral sex while one of the PMs was filming them. The case, denounced by the Military Public Ministry, has not yet been tried. According to the investigation report, “the accused took several approaches and, in most of them, they act with force disproportionate to the cases”.

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Paula explains that she did not proceed with the certification by the Federal Police because “she does not work with armed guards in the company”, besides not wanting to expand the personal security segment, in which she works for Silveira.

Commercial director Vinicius de Amorim Tosta is a defendant accused of submitting six young people to a torture session in Santa Teresa in 2015 Photo: Reproduction / Agência O Globo
Commercial director Vinicius de Amorim Tosta is a defendant accused of submitting six young people to a torture session in Santa Teresa in 2015 Photo: Reproduction / Agência O Globo

However, he reported that the only armed people are the police officers who serve him. The mechanism is common in this market. When authorized by the PF, private security guards can only carry weapons during the exercise of their profession and in places where use is considered necessary.

On the other hand, police officers are armed with a weapon due to the prerogative of the function they perform and, in many cases, they usually use the material provided by corporations in these “beaks”. The status of the military police, however, prohibits acting as private security during off hours.

– The point is that the PF did not come up against it because I do not have a gun, I have a team and is made up of police officers and they can be armed – said Paula, stressing that the company has “knowledge and capacity”, in addition to training abroad.

Asked about Tosta’s presence in the company, Paula said that the complaint has to be investigated and that “it does not tarnish a person’s character”. By messages, Tosta denied that he had worked in the deputy’s security, said that he works in the “commercial as a consultancy” and that he does not receive it. Regarding the case in 2015, the military said he would not speak out.

According to the PM Disciplinary Regulation, active employees cannot be majority shareholders or have a management role in companies. Currently he receives R $ 4,826.90 per month as a military police officer, according to data from the state’s Transparency Portal.

Sought, the defense of Daniel Silveira said “that, at that moment, is focused on reversing the scenario of flagrant illegality of the prison”. The note also says that “all the facts have already been amply and notoriously clarified and that any attempt to bring them to light, once again, only corroborates the murder of reputation that is intended against the parliamentarian.”


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