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Decree obliges posts to inform fuel price composition

President Jair Bolsonaro signed a decree that obliges retailers to inform consumers of real and promotional fuel prices. The measure was published today (23) in the Official Diary of the Union and goes into effect in 30 days.

“Consumers have the right to receive correct, clear, accurate, conspicuous and legible information on the prices of automotive fuels in the national territory”, says the decree.

Information on tax estimates must be on a panel posted in a visible place and must contain the average regional value at the producer or importer; the reference price for ICMS, which is a state tax levied on goods and services, including fuels; the value of ICMS; the amount of contributions to PIS / Pasep and Cofins, which are federal taxes on fuels; and the value of Cide, another federal contribution on the import and sale of oil, natural gas, oil products and fuel ethanol.

Currently, Cide is zeroed for diesel oil. In the case of PIS / Pasep-Cofins, the federal government announced that it also intends to temporarily cut these taxes on cooking gas and diesel. In the last week, the price of fuels in refineries had another readjustment. Since January, Petrobras has already readjusted the price of diesel three times and four times that of gasoline.

In a note, the General Secretariat of the Presidency explained that the measure will give consumers the “notion of the real reason for the variation in prices” of fuels. “Since the oscillation is linked to the prices of commodities [produtos primários] in the international market, and their prices vary daily, the consumer often does not understand the reason for the variation in the final price ”, says the note.

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Loyalty applications

The decree signed by Bolsonaro also obliges the posts to inform the discounts linked to the use of loyalty applications. In this case, the real price must be disclosed, in a prominent way; the promotional price, linked to the use of the application; and the discount amount, which may be at the actual or percentage value.

In the case of applications that return money to the consumer, the value and form of the return must be informed in a correct, clear, precise, conspicuous and readable manner to consumers.

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The decree was proposed to the President by the Ministries of Justice and Public Security and of Mines and Energy and the Attorney General’s Office.


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