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Express Tribune | “We are already sharing information with Brazil”: PJ opens investigation into the case of the plane with 500 kilos of cocaine


Portuguese and Brazilian police will share information about the case of the private jet where former Boavista president João Loureiro would travel. This former sports manager is no longer suspected of drug trafficking

Hugo Franco and Rui Gustavo

The Judiciary Police opened an investigation into the case of the plane carrying 500 kilos of cocaine between Salvador da Bahia and the Tires aerodrome. Information advanced by “Correio da Manhã” and confirmed by Expresso.

The Portuguese police and the Brazilian Federal Police thus have parallel inquiries, sharing information about the case involving former Boavista president João Loureiro, who was one of the passengers on the private plane where the cocaine was found.

“The drug came from Brazil to Portugal and had some support in our territory. The investigation is done in both directions. There are direct channels. We are already sharing information with Brazil“, reveals a source from the Judiciary Police, who recalls that the steps are being taken within the scope of the recently created Project Caravela, which involves cooperation between the Judiciary Police and the Federal Police of Brazil in the field of combating drug trafficking.” possible extraditions there will be no problems. Suspects will be arrested where they have to be arrested. “

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To Expresso, a Judiciary Police source guarantees that at least for now João Loureiro is not suspected of drug trafficking.

The former president of Boavista was interrogated for four hours as a witness by the Federal Police, in Salvador, last Friday. Brazilian authorities “extracted files” from his cell phone. As the Federal Police told Lusa, Loureiro was heard in person and “presented his version of the facts”, which will be “compared to the other evidence in the investigation”. Still according to police sources, the Portuguese lawyer, the son of Valentim Loureiro, declared that he traveled to Brazil to “assist a business group” and that “on February 10 he became aware of the seizure of the drug in the aircraft”. The authorities indicated that “files were extracted from the cell phone [telemóvel], such as messages and photos, with the passenger’s authorization, and will be analyzed to see if what has been declared “.

To Expresso, the Federal Police admits that interrogate more people “involved in the facts”. And in case it needs evidence from Portugal, the Federal Police has instruments of international cooperation “that can be called upon by the Portuguese authorities”.

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