Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home USA News Family accuses U.S. police of killing airless immigrant

Family accuses U.S. police of killing airless immigrant

Filipino immigrant Angelo Quinto, 30, died three after policemen knelt on his back and the side of his neck for nearly five minutes while immobilizing him, lawyers say. The victim lived with his family in California, USA. The lawyer said the officers used the same “technique applied to George Floyd” and said they ignored the victim’s calls for help.

The defense said at a news conference last Thursday (18) that Angelo had been “suffering from anxiety, depression and paranoia in recent months”. The same day, the family filed a wrongful death lawsuit, when there is no intention to kill, against the city of Antioquia, KABC-TV reported.

According to John L. Burris, family lawyer, Isabella Collins, Angelo’s sister, called the police on December 23 after the man lost control and feared he would hurt his mother.

While waiting for the officers to arrive, Angelo’s mother hugged him for some time and, according to the claim, “he had already started to calm down”.

As soon as two policemen from the region arrived at the residence, they grabbed Angelo and did not ask about the situation that was happening. While handcuffing him on the floor, officers placed their knees on the victim’s back and side of the neck.

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Maria Quinto-Collins, Angelo’s mother, filmed part of the action with her cell phone. At one point, she questions what happened when she saw her son passed out, handcuffed and facedown.

The officers then saw the victim’s body and it is possible to see the face covered in blood. Then, other policemen appear in the images and they put Angelo on a stretcher and begin to compress him against his chest, while his mother keeps filming and questioning what is happening. In the footage, it is not possible to identify whether the police used body cameras.

“These Antioquia policemen had already handcuffed Angelo, but they did not stop attacking the young man and inexplicably started to use the technique applied in ‘George Floyd’ to put a knee on the back and the side of his neck, ignoring the calls of Mr. Quinto “please don’t kill me,” “said the lawyer, who believes the victim died of suffocation, as did Floyd.

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Angelo was taken to a local hospital after filming, but died three days after admission.

To date, the police have not reported details of the case to the press. The Antioquia Police Department did not respond to questions from CNN International, nor did it give the names of the officers involved in the incident.

The Contra Costa county sheriff said on Monday (22) that the cause of Angelo’s death is still pending and said the death is being investigated by the district attorney.

Understand the George Floyd case

George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, was killed by a white police officer on May 25 last year, in Mineapolis, in the US state of Minnesota. The action was recorded and shows the officer pressing his knee against Floyd’s neck for almost eight minutes. During the suffocation, Floyd says “I can’t breathe” repeatedly, until I am unconscious.

His death became the latest symbol of police violence against black citizens and sparked the biggest wave of protests in recent years in the United States and elsewhere. Protesters across the world shouted phrases like “Black Lives Matter” and “I can’t breathe”.

The lawyers for three of the officers accused of George Floyd’s death filed a request to drop the charges against them alleging that leaking the proposed deal to another officer could “contaminate” the jury.

The three former officers Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng and Thomas Lane are due to be tried on August 23, while Derek Chauvin, a police officer who smothered Floyd with his knee, goes on trial in early March.


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