Friday, March 5, 2021
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Home Lifestyle "Good friend, good heart and today, even good hair"

“Good friend, good heart and today, even good hair”

This Tuesday, February 23, the day is special for Rui Unas. The comedian celebrates his 47th birthday and was presented with a message from his friend, César Mourão.

The actor and presenter shared a photo with the birthday boy and left him a message “full” of praise but also of humor:

“My friend Rui Unas is today. And it’s great to be able to call someone my friend. It deserves all the praise. Good friend, good heart and today, even good hair ”, started by writing, referring to his hair implant.

Then it was declared: “I like this brother of mine. I like to get lost in the hours talking to him, I like to imitate him to hear the phrase, “but wait, do I do that ??” I like to dance with him and especially to laugh with him ”, he wrote.

And finished: “Destiny wanted us to be neighbors soon, and for me to pick up the leftovers from Prozis, from fruits and vegetables, wines, and paraphernalia he can do it. Congratulations my good Unas ”.

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