Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Business Government intervenes and veteran military personnel can act in Civic-Military Schools

Government intervenes and veteran military personnel can act in Civic-Military Schools

The Ministry of Defense published in the Official Gazette this Monday (22) the ordinance that provides for the procedures that should be adopted for the hiring of veteran soldiers to work in the National Program for Civic-Military Schools (Pecim).

The purpose is “to establish the procedures for completing the Volunteer Form, forwarding the list of veteran volunteers to the Ministry of Defense, analyzing the qualifications and appointing military personnel to work in Pecim”.

In addition to presenting the procedures, Ordinance No. 123 details how the qualifications analysis and referral of the process to the ministry will be made, as well as its phases and procedures, as well as aspects related to the acts of designation and dismissal.

Another point addressed covers the conditions to which the designated military officer will be subject, with regard to the presentation, dress and rules to be followed.

When announced, in 2019, Pecim predicted 200 schools in this model by 2023. In 2020, 50 schools joined the program pilot. In a decree published in December, the Ministry of Education foresaw the implantation of 54 more schools of this type in the country: two in each federative unit.

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To participate in the program, schools must have between 501 and 1,000 enrollments in the final years of elementary and high school; attend the morning and / or evening shifts; having students in a situation of social vulnerability; performance below the state average in the Basic Education Development Index; and have the approval of the school community, through public consultation in person or electronically.

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