Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Habib’s wears ‘Passo o ponto’ banners and customers question whether stores will close

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This Monday (22), customers and Internet users were surprised by an announcement by Habib’s chain: “Passo o ponto”, along with a phone number. The message was published on social media and fixed on banners in front of physical fast food stores specializing in Arab foods.

“After so many years together, that moment has finally arrived …”, said the company in a post in the official accounts.

THE CNN Brasil Business contacted the phone number available in the banners and, in the form of an automatic message, got the answer: “Hello, thanks for sending. At the moment all of our operators are busy. We will contact you as soon as possible. Thanks!”

There was no shortage of speculation on the internet as to what this sudden announcement would be. There were those who thought that the chain would be closing its stores and, therefore, selling the points.

Marketing action

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Everything indicates that this is a marketing action promoted by the brand to communicate a new phase, with a greater presence in the digital environment. Later this week, the company is expected to reveal more details of the new campaign, which should include the participation of digital influencers.

The Ragazzo and Tendall Grill chains, which are part of the same business group, do not participate in the action.

Through a press release, the company said it is promoting a restructuring in the food segment and that more details will be released soon. “Habib’s promotes an important restructuring with a focus on accelerating the internal movements of the group, which has among its aspirations to be one of the most digital and beloved in the segment”.

Habib’s launched a frozen line

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As part of the changes caused by the pandemic, last month, Habib’s announced a new business model that consists of selling its products in the frozen version for home preparation. There are sfihas, kibbehs, custard tarts and mini churros sold in kits starting at R $ 20. The Italian food chain Ragazzo sells drumsticks, cheese sticks, codfish cakes and sweets.

The group says that, according to the response from customers, new items will be incorporated into the frozen menu. “Our focus is to provide remarkable moments in line with a new consumer experience for customers,” said Danilo Monteiro, Communication Manager at Habib’s.


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