Monday, March 8, 2021
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He is the dream prince of Cinderella – VG

THE PRINCE AND Cinderella: Cengiz Al AND Astrid Smeplass play the two central roles in the Norwegian remake of “Three Nuts for Cinderella” Photo: The producer

It is former SKAM actor Cengiz Al who will play the prince of Astrid Smeplass in the Norwegian remake of “Three nuts for Cinderella”.


This is stated by Nordisk Film in a press release on Tuesday morning.

– Cengiz has a presence and a human warmth that combined with a high-ranking attitude makes him, yes precisely, the whole of Norway’s dream prince, says Producer Frederick PN Howard in the press release.

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Astrid S will play Cinderella

Last week it was announced that Astrid Smeplass (24) will make her debut as an actress in the Norwegian new version of “Three Nuts for Cinderella”. The recording is currently taking place around Norway, both on Maihaugen in Lillehammer and in the Norwegian mountains. The filmmakers promise that romance, magic and action are an important part of the plot.

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This is what he said when he came in second place in “Skal vi danse” in 2017:

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These celebrities became parents in 2020

After appearing in “Shame”, Cengiz Al has since starred in the film “All foreigners have closed curtains”, a film that received dicethrow five by VG’s reviewer. Cengiz is also known to Norwegian TV viewers from “Shall we dance” in 2017, where he came in second place. Only beaten by Helene Olafsen.

– I had just become a father when I got a phone call to audition for the role of prince. I’ve had a real adrenaline rush since then, and now we’re finally up and running with this beautiful big movie. It feels like a dream role! I was really terrified of horses, but now I love to gallop, says Cengiz Al.

– Cengiz is a real prince, both as a fantastic actor and as a brilliant person. Even our horses are in love with Cengiz, says director Cecilie Mosli.


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