Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Hospital administrator to have vaccinated daughter, wife and cousin receptionist – Executive Digest

Salazar Coimbra, administrator of Hospital Narciso Ferreira, in Riba de Ave, Vila Nova de Famalicão, decided to vaccinate his daughter, wife and other family members against Covid-19, inserting them in the first phase of the plan, which was aimed at health professionals. health, advances the ‘Correio da Manhã’ (CM).

According to the same publication, so that the vaccine could be administered to the family members of the person in charge, the hospital stopped vaccinating about 20 nurses, doctors and other professionals, who are disgusted with the situation, after seeing the vaccine being administered at the service of physiotherapy in the Continued Care of that hospital.

Salazar Coimbra’s daughter and wife received the vaccine on 14 and 15 January, the newspaper said, after hospital staff were divided into three groups, depending on the degree of priority.

At the top of the list, the administrator placed his daughter, who despite being a doctor is not part of the staff of the hospital, but of Guimarães, where she has not worked for over a year. The woman, who is not a doctor or even knows what profession she has, received the vaccine on the first day. In this case, the administrator placed her as if she were a doctor in the Covid internment service.

But the list of included family members does not end there. The ‘CM’ also said that Salazar Coimbra also included a priority receptionist, a porter and warehouse workers in the priority vaccination list. In turn, the doctor himself, also trained, was also vaccinated on the first day, despite not having direct contact with users “for several years”, reveals the same publication.

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Hospital Narciso Ferreira has denied all charges against him. According to the nurse-director, Raul Marques, the suspicions of fraud “are totally false and unfounded”, showing that he is available to clarify the “lists of professionals of the institution, the criteria applied in the selection of first-rate professionals and the remaining doses to who were applied ”, said quoted by ‘CM’.

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