Friday, February 26, 2021
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How is it to land on Mars? New images in high definition | Space

Knowing that a robot managed to land on Mars is already exciting. But having a video that shows this feat still improves everything. This Monday, NASA released a video showing the last minutes of the entry, descent and landing (EDL) phase of the Perseverance robot on Mars last Thursday. A microphone in the vehicle also gave us the first audio recording of sounds from Mars, according to the American space agency.

From the moment the parachute was opened, the camera system covers the entire process of descending the robot to the Jezero crater, where there will have been a lake and a delta. The video with high definition cameras starts when Perseverance was 11 kilometers from the Martian surface and, at the end of the descent, you can see the parachute opening and ends when the robot touches the crater.

A microphone attached to the robot was unable to collect data during its descent, but the device managed to survive and picked up probes from the Jezero crater last Saturday. In the recordings made available by NASA you can hear the Martian breeze for a few seconds and the mechanical sounds of the robot on the surface.

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