Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Coronavirus In Brazil, covid patients are tied to beds for lack of sedatives

In Brazil, covid patients are tied to beds for lack of sedatives

A public hospital in the Brazilian state of Amazonas arrested patients with Covid-19 in their beds, due to the lack of sedatives for patients’ intubation.

Patients at the Jofre Cohen Municipal Hospital, in Parintins, more than 300 kilometers from Manaus, the state capital, were tied to hospital beds with gauze on their wrists because the sedatives for intubation at that hospital ran out. Despite being an unusual situation, the President of the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine, Suzana Lobo, told the G1 website that this procedure is not wrong and explained the dangers when the sedative effect for the patient ends.

“The first thing that can happen is self-extubation. He removes the tube and that can even lead to cardiac arrest. It is inhumane to think that a person will be kept on mechanical ventilation, on artificial ventilation, without being under analgesia and good sedation. She will feel discomfort, she will feel anxiety, she will feel fear. And all of this will lead to very serious consequences even if not at the time, in the future. It can lead to several traumatic consequences “, explained the president of the Brazilian Association of Intensive Care Medicine.

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Intubation is a procedure used in cases with respiratory complications and is therefore one of the resources used in the recovery of patients with covid-19.

Before the pandemic, hospitals in the state of Amazonas consumed 800 ampoules per month of one of the drugs used to sedate patients. With the new peak of the pandemic, the number rose to 28,000 ampoules in December and 50,000 in January. Currently, the state of the interior of Brazil consumes more than half of the product sold in the country.

The Secretariat of Health of Amazonas stated that it had not received any complaints regarding this situation and that the drug was sent as soon as the Municipality requested it. The Brazilian Public Prosecutor’s Office stated that it will investigate the veracity of the facts and only then decide whether to proceed with a lawsuit or not.

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