Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Lifestyle "It is very sad that people have ENT problems ..."

“It is very sad that people have ENT problems …”

Last Wednesday, February 17th, the psychiatrist Gustavo Jesus used his Instagram account to react to the words spoken by Toy in the “Big Brother-Duplo Impacto” program.

The singer defended the use of cannabis to combat problems related to mental health and also spoke of psychological illnesses, leaving the health professional indignant:

“A highly visible program, such as Big Brother, should also serve to“ send important messages to society ”. (…) Unfortunately, despite having always had my sympathy and deserving the homage of all who have sung and danced all night, all night, to the music, Toy didn’t choose the right messages ”, started by writing the doctor, in the long text where he criticized Toy.

Now look.

So, after both of them had a “word of mouth” on Instagram, this Tuesday, February 23, Toy decided to speak out live and clarify the whole controversy.

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“We here sometimes say things that can be misinterpreted or misunderstood, I think I’m going to start bringing paper and drawing because people don’t understand what I say ”, started by saying.

“I spoke here about cannabis and I spoke here about antidepressants and it has nothing to do with each other (…) I want to give a hug to Gustavo Jesus, the psychiatrist who first criticized and then realized after all that it was not so because I explained what I had said ”, considered later.

Toy then clarified that what he said and that he repeats again is that “antidepressants are aggressive drugs” and that whoever takes this type of medication must be monitored and, by the way, spoke of cannabis liberalization:

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“(…) And the scythe cut I took the opportunity to say that I thought it was hypocrisy, it is my opinion, that cannabis is still banned. That the use is not legalized. They are different and separate things ”, he assured.

Look here.

The singer spoke after the “negligent doctors” that exist and still took the opportunity to clarify another idea that was misunderstood:

“Nor did anyone realize that I said that, in my time, nobody cared about depression and anxiety but that it already existed, contrary to what people think I said, unfortunately people didn’t have time to take care of it and there were many people who suffered a lot, today they take care of these diseases (…) it is very sad that people have a problem of misunderstanding or an ear problem ”, he said, disgusted.

In the end, Toy reinforced: I am completely in favor of cannabis liberalization, always. Because I think it’s hypocrisy not to be liberalized, this is a subject. The issue of mental illness is another matter… ”, said.


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