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Johaug criticizes sports tops

Johaug is a board member of Stiftelsen VI, which last week terminated its cooperation agreement with Olympiatoppen. The agreement was intended to support the parade court with NOK 125 million over five years.

The break-up took place after the pair of athletes did not receive an extra Olympic grant from the authorities to be used in preparation for the postponed summer games in Tokyo.

In an interview with NRK, Johaug speaks for the first time about the conflict.

– There is a reason why it is called «VI». We are on a team, and it’s about making each other good – no matter what you’re doing or who you are. My wish is that they will get what they deserve, and that is what everyone else gets. There should be no discrimination, says the cross-country star to the state channel.

Norway despairs – Sweden cheers

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A press release from the sports federation that was sent out last Friday states that 80 per cent of the state extra subsidy of NOK 5.5 million was distributed directly to the special federations.

Furthermore, it is pointed out that the remaining funds were directed at the group of athletes with the greatest acute liquidity challenges related to the initiatives leading up to the Olympics and the Paralympics.

“Athletes who receive VI scholarships, in addition to the Olympic Summit scholarships, were from NIF’s point of view considered to be better equipped in terms of liquidity than those who only receive an Olympic Summit scholarship,” the association wrote.

At the same time, it was recognized that the pair of athletes should get their share of the pot.

– By virtue of our role as the Norwegian Paralympic Committee, we will ensure that athletes who are relevant to the Paralympics in Tokyo, receive their legitimate financial and sporting support towards the games, said top sports manager Tore Øvrebø.

On Sunday, Stiftelsen VI stated in a press release that it is in dialogue with NIF.


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