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Home Health & Fitness Missing actress had mental health affected by pandemic, says family - 02/12/2021

Missing actress had mental health affected by pandemic, says family – 02/12/2021

Lohany Façanha Martins, 25, model and actress who has been missing for eight days, is described by family members as a loving person, focused on her goals and whose mental health was affected by the pandemic.

She was located yesterday at the psychiatric hospital Insitute Philippe Pinel, of Zona On the in Rio de Janeiro, hospitalized with severe anxiety and depression.

Lohany, a native of Macapá, has lived in Rio de Janeiro since 2019, away from her family. Relatives were concerned when her phone went dead, and she stopped responding to messages. Therefore, they reported the disappearance to the Civil Police.

The artist was located in the hospital after a person recognized her because of the repercussions of the case. According to the family, she went to the health unit on her own.

Going to Rio de Janeiro

Image: Playback / Instagram

Lohany’s ex-husband Pedro Da Lua, 40, the father of her 5-year-old daughter, as well as other relatives, believes that the actress’s disorders were triggered by the pandemic.

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He says that after they split up in early 2019, Lohany made “a difficult decision” to go to Rio de Janeiro in search of the dream of being an actress.

“She has many aspirations and is a great mother. We decided that she would pursue an artistic career in Rio and graduate from the theater course. Our daughter stayed with me, but she spoke to us every day by video,” he told Twitter.

The actress’ mother, Márcia Araújo, 44, remembers that it was difficult for Lohany to say goodbye to her little daughter.

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“It was awful. But she had to make that choice. Lohany is a very determined girl. She stomps her foot, runs after and doesn’t settle until she can,” he said.

Before social isolation, Lohany was happily living in Rio de Janeiro, according to the family.

The model, whose hobby is the practice of physical exercises, was studying psychology at Estácio de Sá College, worked at a modeling agency, took a theater course, already participating in some plays, and felt that her artistic career would take off.

The pandemic of the new coronavirus, however, caused all its activities in Rio de Janeiro to pause. She returned to Amapá in March 2020 to quarantine with her family, but returned to Rio in October, seven months later.

Pedro says he noticed signs of apprehension in his ex-wife, when she was in her homeland. “She has a lot of desire to work and do things. So, she came here a little depressed already. But then she talked to the family, calmed down and believed she was ready to return to Rio”, she says.

According to the ex-husband, she had not shown signs of depression or anxiety before the pandemic.


The news that Lohany was well after the eight-day disappearance was, according to Pedro, “the best possible news”, despite the surprise of knowing that she was hospitalized.

He says it was thanks to a report by Twitter that a person recognized Lohany at the mental hospital. The person contacted the author of the article, Abinoan Santiago, who in turn informed the model’s family.

Lohany’s mother, Márcia, is traveling to Rio de Janeiro this evening to accompany her daughter’s treatment at the Philippe Pinel Institute.

“We talk to each other every day, every hour, and she is very attached to her family. Her absence in those eight days was the worst thing in the world,” says Márcia, celebrating the impending reunion.


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