Saturday, March 6, 2021
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Narrator calls Lucas Braga ‘creole’ and ‘colored citizen’; Santos will take legal action

An unfortunate episode happened during the broadcast of Rádio Grenal of the match between Santos and Grêmio, this Wednesday, for the Brazilian Championship. The narrator Haroldo de Souza asked the commentator who was the ‘little boy’ on the left wing (Lucas Braga) of the São Paulo club and referred to him as a ‘colored citizen’.

– That little boy who is there on Santos’ left wing, who is he? He asked. When answered, he continued: – Ah, Lucas Braga who plays for the edge of there. He’s a dark guy, right? A brunette, a colored citizen – he concluded.

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The placement of the radio station’s narrator generated revolt on social networks and especially among Santos fans, who accused Haroldo of racism. Hours later, Santos took a stand on the case in a note and repudiated the episode. The club said it will take appropriate measures through its legal department, and that there are no more regrets or notes of disapproval about racism in 2021, but action. and mobilization.

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– Santos FC does not come by means of this to just lament or repudiate the racist terms used by the narrator Haroldo de Souza, from Rádio Grenal. No more regrets or notes of repudiation about racism in the middle of 2021. There is room for action and mobilization. The Club, through its legal department, will take appropriate measures, in the same way we expect an effective reaction from the communication channel that employs this gentleman and the community that makes up the audience of such radio. It is in silence, in omission, in relativization in the face of prejudice that racism grows silently and establishes itself in a structural way in our society. No more tolerance for racism! Enough! #TimeDeBrancoEDePreto – says the club in a statement.

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