Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Home Breaking News NASA releases unpublished video and history of landing on Mars

NASA releases unpublished video and history of landing on Mars

NASA, the United States space agency, released on Monday (22) a historic video showing the landing of the Perseverance robot on Mars.

High resolution video frame showing Perseverance being downloaded from the rocket sled (Credit; NASA)

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Photo: Meio Bit

It is the first time that humanity has had the opportunity to check video footage of a landing on the red planet. The recording is about three minutes long and shows the final moments of the Perseverance’s landing, from the opening of the parachute to contact with the ground.

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The video shows the descent operation from different angles and ends with applause and celebration at NASA’s control center in California. Shortly afterwards, the agency released for the first time an audio of the sound of the wind on Mars, although it was unable to pick up the sounds of the landing.

Throughout the week, NASA will make a software transition on Perseverance, moving from one that enabled safe landing to another that allows the robot to get around and use its equipment. The first “test drive” can take place over the weekend.

There is also a lot of expectation for the small Ingenuity helicopter, which can make the first overflight on another planet of an equipment built on Earth, an operation scheduled only for April, when Perseverance reaches its planned location.

NASA’s mission aims to search for traces of past life in a crater on Mars that would have been occupied by a lake billions of years ago, as well as to collect information to help prepare for a future manned mission. .

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