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New Mercedes C-Class 2022 raises the bar with luxury and even controls your home

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After becoming partially known through teasers and bustling, the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2022 is finally made official by Daimler. Identified by the code name W206, the model starts to be built on the MRA platform (Modular Rear Architecture, designed for vehicles with rear or integral traction), grows and is born fully ready for electrification. The inspiration for the S-Class is clear, both visually and technologically.

The arrival of the new generation is strategic, in view of the enormous commercial importance of the C family for the brand. Not surprisingly, the sedan is the company’s flagship in several global markets. Only the generation that is now retiring, launched in 2014, sold more than 2.5 million units. China has been the model’s largest market since 2016, followed by the United States, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Visually, elements of Mercedes’ latest design language are present, but without major disruptions. Class A, Class E and top-of-the-line Class S references are readily apparent. The headlights have an angled appearance at the front and headlights that are now horizontally arranged at the rear, divided by the trunk lid. The wheels were also redesigned and, depending on the version, can be 17, 18 or 19 inches.

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More traditional fans will certainly not like it, but the iconic star positioned on the hood has been retired. Now, the three-pointed logo always goes on the grid, regardless of the configuration. Also noteworthy is the well-resolved arrangement of the station wagon variant, presented in the photos in a striking shade of blue.

The adoption of the new platform yielded important changes in the measures. In total, they are 4.75 meters long (6 cm gains), 1.82 m wide (1 cm increase) and 1.44 m high (basically the same). The wheelbase jumped to 2.86 meters (an increase of 2 cm), with direct reflections in the provision of space for passengers in the rear seat (especially in parts such as knees, shoulders and elbows). The trunk holds 455 liters in the sedan and 490 or 1,510 liters in the station wagon.

In the cabin, the brand’s new technological standard, dictated by the S-Class, was strictly followed. The fully digital instrument panel is available in versions (10.25 or 12.3 inches) and can be equipped with features such as 3D effect and mega head-up display with augmented reality function. In turn, the multimedia center is now positioned vertically and has screens that can be 9.5 or 11.9 inches.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021

The MBUX entertainment system now runs on second generation, even more advanced and intelligent. According to the brand, the voice assistant “Hey Mercedes” is programmed to provide greater interaction in the dialogues and is even able to recognize the occupants individually by the voice. Another novelty is the “smart home” function, which makes the C-Class the mobile control center of the owner’s residence.

Depending on the situation, it is possible to monitor temperature, lighting, blinds and electrical devices. Motion detectors and sensors provide information about desired or unwanted visitors. “Hey, Mercedes, is anyone in my house now?” “I checked. The last movement detected was in the kitchen an hour ago “. Currently, the external devices that support these functions are manufactured by Bosch Smart Home and Samsung SmartThings.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021

Mechanically, electrification sets the tone for the new generation. At this point, the highlight is the 48-volt hybrid light system EQ Boost, which uses an electric motor called ISG. The device recovers energy during braking and stores it in a compact lithium-ion battery. The energy is returned to the ISG to, when necessary, provide extra strength to the traditional combustion engine.

Speaking of combustion, the main propellant is the new M254 2.0 turbo 4-cylinder. It delivers 258 hp of power and always equips the C300 versions. The C180 and C200 variants have 1.5 turbo engines of 170 hp and 204 hp, respectively. They also come equipped with the same hybrid-light system as the larger engine. In common, they all work together with the 9-speed automatic transmission and, optionally, 4Matic all-wheel drive.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021
Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021

The diesel range, exclusive to Europe, is made up of the C200d, C220d and C300d versions with 163 hp, 200 hp and 265 hp, respectively. As with gasoline configurations, the ISG system is capable of delivering up to 20 hp of extra power when needed. The transmission is also 9-speed automatic.

The portfolio will also have a plug-in hybrid version, equipped with a 2.0 turbo gasoline engine in association with an electric propeller. The combined power will be 313 hp, with a torque of 56 kgfm. In electric mode, it is possible to run at speeds of up to 140 km / h. The range in this case is 100 km. The 25.4 kWh battery can be recharged in just 30 minutes in quick outlets.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2021

Another novelty of the C 2022 is the ability to steer the rear axle. At speeds above 60 km / h, the rear wheels rotate up to 2.5 ° in the same direction as the front wheels. At lower speeds, the movement happens in the opposite direction. It is an added resource to ensure safety and stability, along with the entire range of driving assistance devices.

When it reaches the market in 2021, the C family will be manufactured at the plants in Bremen (Germany) and East London (South Africa). The Iracemápolis plant, in Brazil, will not receive the new generation, since it was recently closed. The model, therefore, will come to our market as imported in 2022 or, at best, later this year.

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