Friday, March 5, 2021
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Home Breaking News Outbreaks at school in Nittedal:

Outbreaks at school in Nittedal:

14 cases of infection related to two schools have caused the alarm to go off in Nittedal. – We do not know where the infection comes from, says mayor Inge Solli.

During the weekend, 14 cases of infection have been detected in connection with Kirkeby school and Hakadal ungdomsskole in Nittedal just north of Oslo. The municipality suspects an outbreak of the more contagious British virus mutation of the coronavirus.

– We had two positive tests on Friday, two on Saturday. On Sunday we were up to ten positives. This gives us a suspicion of the British virus, says mayor Inge Solli.

Awaiting analysis response on Monday

They hope to get analytical answers that disprove or confirm this on Monday.

– We have not been able to find out where the infection originally came from. But we see how it has spread further in the environment at the two schools. There may be several infected. Many of those who have been infected so far have not had symptoms, says Solli.

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Nittedal municipality now recommends students at the schools to test themselves without symptoms.

– Preferably also parents and close contacts, so we get an overview of the infection as soon as possible. We are increasing the test capacity, says the mayor.

Exercises and exercises for children and young people indoors where you can not keep a distance of 2 meters, are recommended canceled this week. Everyone who has participated in leisure activities in Hakadal is encouraged to take the test. This applies even if you have no symptoms.

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