Friday, February 26, 2021
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Pandemic (already) killed more than 2.41 million people worldwide

Mmore than 109,464,770 people were infected with the new coronavirus worldwide, according to the balance sheet, made at 11:00 GMT (same time in Lisbon) today based on official sources.

To date, at least 67,145,900 people have been considered cured of covid-19, adds the French agency, stressing that the official figures reflect only part of the actual number of contaminations in the world.

Some countries only test serious cases, others use tests mainly for screening and many poor countries have limited testing capabilities.

On Tuesday, there were 10,983 deaths and 396,780 new infections, according to figures collected and released by the agency.

The countries that recorded the most deaths that day were the United States (1,400), Mexico (1,329) and Brazil (1,167).

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The United States remains the most affected country, both in number of deaths and infections, with a total of 488,081 deaths and 27,756,627 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

After the United States, the countries most affected are Brazil with 240,940 deaths and 9,921,981 cases, Mexico with 175,986 deaths (2,004,575 cases), India with 155,913 deaths (10,937,320 cases) and the United Kingdom with 118,195 killed (4,058,468 cases).

Among the countries hardest hit, Belgium has the highest number of deaths in relation to its population, with 188 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, followed by Slovenia (181), United Kingdom (174), Czech Republic (174) and Italy (156).

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In terms of regions of the world, Europe had a total of 813,293 deaths to 35,853,238 cases, Latin America and the Caribbean 645,812 deaths (20,308,244 cases), the United States and Canada 509,440 deaths (28,586,134 cases), Asia 249,467 deaths (15,756,115 cases), Middle East 101,356 deaths (5,155,751 cases), Africa 99,415 deaths (3,773,369 cases) and Oceania 947 deaths (31,925 cases).

The balance was based on data obtained by AFP from national authorities and information from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Due to corrections made by the authorities and late notifications, the increase in daily numbers may not exactly correspond to the difference from the data advanced the day before.

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