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Philosophy, profile, interview: Atltico director reveals search for coach

The football director of Atlantic, Rodrigo Caetano, explained this Tuesday that he is looking for a coach that fits the club’s project, to maintain a game with intensity, balance and use of athletes from the base category. The leader said that the Rooster be cautious in the choice and make interviews with the candidates for the position.

“We will have the calm, without being slow, within a speed, without being rushed for the choice of the new commander. As much as it has been divulged many times, it was yesterday (Monday) that Jorge Sampaoli officially communicated to us. starting today (Tuesday), debating the profile of who will be the commander. Due to the direct classification for the group stage of the Copa Libertadores, our understanding is that we have time to choose, “he said.

That Monday, the Rooster made the departure of Jorge Sampaoli, who has a verbally agreed contract with the Olympique de Marseille, from France. In the statement, Rooster said he accepted the coach’s decision to terminate the contract after the Brazilian Championship, and wished the gringo good luck.

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Rodrigo Caetano said that the club’s design is grand and attractive to any coach on the market. “We have to have the responsibility to make the right choice. We are already experiencing similar situations. And time and patience say that we have to be careful to make the right choice. And not in a comfortable way and in four, five months later of the State to see that it was not the profile, it was not the game model. We will debate a lot and if necessary, and certainly will be, we will do interviews, within the possibilities in relation to COVID-19, with those we identify with. grandiose, attractive project, I can guarantee for you, the cast formed over the period and, therefore, will be punctual reinforcements. We have to raise the needs and names to wait for the arrival of the new coach “, he explained.

The officer stressed the importance of the base for the club. “Philosophy: increasingly have the base categories next year, make room for young people. The project of the Rooster and the trainer must have this understanding. It will be a part within the gear. That is the spirit. We will be calm and responsible in choosing the coach “.

Caetano also highlighted the game model that the club intends to follow. “The intensity model. A lot of people talk, but this is not practiced. And the Rooster had, far from all Brazilians, this with the brand. speak on behalf. But we want a balanced team, that attacks intensely and that knows how to defend itself. That is the desire “.

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“This size business, called a coach. I think it has to be a coach who can really fit into our project. And, therefore, we will have internal conversations until we have the name. I understand that since yesterday (Monday) it has been many names are speculated. I ask all of you to understand that we will work according to my characteristics, in a silent, confidential way, I believe in this negotiation model to form a conviction with the president and the collegiate body. name, we will be the most interested in communicating to the fan. Meanwhile, let the fan be calm that we will do everything possible to identify and concretize the future name, with calm, caution and respect for the institution “, he added.


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