Friday, March 5, 2021
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Home Technology Poco announces new visual identity with renewed logo and mascot

Poco announces new visual identity with renewed logo and mascot

After becoming a sub-brand of Xiaomi in 2018 and soon after separating from its parent company, Poco started to gain prominence in India due to its focus on low-cost mobile phones.

However, some things have remained unchanged. One of them is the visual identity of the company, which was finally redesigned this week. According to Poco, the your new logo combined with a mascot is part of its consolidation as an independent brand.

Thus, the logo now features a unique mascot that looks more like an emoji. See below that the Poco brand had its first “O” replaced by the mascot.

For now, this new visual identity from Poco is aimed exclusively at the Indian market, and the slogan was also replaced para “Made Of Mad”.

The Chinese manufacturer also released the meaning of each point of its mascot.

  • The halo on the head feels good. “We are crazy, but with a cause”
  • The antennas show the crazy side. It’s as if our mascot could spread madness telepathically
  • The shape of the eye is a contradiction with the halo on the head
  • The triangular mouth subtly shows our intelligence
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For now, the new brand and mascot are being used only in India. Thus, it is still not possible to know whether the visual identity will also be taken to other markets. Anyway, although apparently independent, Poco is still umbilically linked to Xiaomi:

Poco insists on independence, but the company uses Xiaomi’s production and logistics line. In addition, many of its smartphones are just Redmi devices – another one that claims to be independent – renamed to the Indian public.

What did you think of the new Poco logo and mascot? Tell us your opinion here in the comments.


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