Monday, March 8, 2021
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Home Technology Porsche will produce synthetic fuel from 2022

Porsche will produce synthetic fuel from 2022

Porsche sports car manager Frank Walliser revealed that the brand will start testing its own synthetic fuel as early as next year. This is the way, for now, not to touch the combustion engines, which are compatible with this type of fuel.

The announcement was made during the presentation of the new 911 GT3, where Walliser said that this “is a major investment, but we are certain that it will be an important part of our global effort to reduce the impact of CO2 on the transport sector”.

Last year, the brand announced partnerships with companies in the energy sector such as Siemens Energy, AME, Enel and ENAP, with the ambition of developing a factory for the commercial production of synthetic fuels, or e-fuels, on a large scale. industrial. The first phase of this plant was implemented in southern Chile, where the wind conditions are ideal for producing synthetic fuels using wind energy.

The plant could start operating in 2022, with an estimated production of 55 million liters of synthetic fuel by 2024, and ten times more by 2026. Porsche CEO Oliver Blume said of the project that “the advantages reside in the ease of application. These fuels can be used in combustion engines and plug-in hybrids, in addition to being able to make use of the existing network of filling stations ”.

This idea is echoed by Walliser, who says that “the general idea behind synthetic fuels is that engines are not necessary, so everyone can use them. Furthermore, it has no impact on performance – a few more horsepower, which is good – but emissions are much lower ”.

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