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Presents video evidence and tweet that Trump deleted – VG

The Supreme Court case against Donald Trump is ongoing.


The Supreme Court case against former President Donald Trump started on Tuesday at 7 pm. The first part of the case has been set aside for a debate on whether he can be brought before the Supreme Court, as he has already resigned.

In its opening statement, the House of Representatives, which is the prosecutor in the case, opens by presenting video footage of the violent attack on Congress on January 6, where supporters shouted things like “stop the steal” and “slam the door.”

The videos show how a police officer lured Trump supporters up a flight of stairs and away from the area where politicians were hiding on the other side of the wall. We also see that a policeman shoots at Ashli ​​Babbitt and that a policeman is squeezed in a door.

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Then the video goes over to Trump’s video on January 6, which was posted after the attack had been going on for a while, where Trump asks his supporters to “go home peacefully”, but also says “We love you”.

A tweet from Trump is also quoted, where he writes that “this is what happens and incidents that occur when an honorable election winner is so uninhibitedly and viciously stolen from great patriots who have been treated badly and unfairly for so long. Go home in peace and love. Remember this day forever! ”

Trump later deleted this tweet.

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DELETED: This entry was first posted and later deleted.

– If this is not national justice, there is no such thing, says Jamie Raskin, who leads the prosecution team from the House of Representatives.

– The transfer of power is always the most dangerous for democracies. Every historian will tell you that. We just saw it, in the most amazing way. We lived through it. And you know what? Those who wrote our constitution knew that. That is why they created a constitution with an oath written, which commits the president from the first day to the last day in the position, and every day in between, Raskin continued.

Democrat Joe Neguse points out that this is not the first time a person who has resigned as an elected official has been put on trial. William Belknap was Minister of War, but resigned after being accused of accepting bribes, and was later brought before the Supreme Court. He was acquitted.

Donald Trump’s team has so far not had the opportunity to defend itself. The Democrats are still presenting their case against the former president.


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