Friday, March 5, 2021
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Home Technology PS5: amazed by the luxury version of the new Sony console

PS5: amazed by the luxury version of the new Sony console

Sony’s PS5 continues to arrive in Portugal in small quantities, with store management keeping consumers attentive to the latest in digital and conventional editing (with Blu-ray player). But no PlayStation can compare to these custom versions.

Caviar specializes in customizing the most varied consumer electronics products, such as the iPhone and some Android smartphones. However, this is the first console coated in 18K gold, crocodile skin, or carbon fiber.

Caviar created the most exclusive PS5 in the world

Golden Rock costs $ 499, or the equivalent of 413,000 euros, catapulting Sony’s new console to new heights of luxury, personalization and exclusivity. Note the console panels coated with 18-carat gold.

More specifically, Caviar uses its know-how jewelery to add volume and texture to the PS5. It uses a total of 8 gold sheets to line the side panels of the new Sony console, giving it an intricate and immediately distinctive look.

The PS5 Golden Rock is limited to 9 units

The gold-coated console and crocodile skin controls. Credit: Caviar

In addition to the 18-carat gold plating on the side panels, DualSense controllers also receive special attention. The PS5 controls are treated with crocodile skin to provide an unprecedented tactile feel.

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Interested parties will have to hurry as Caviar will only produce 9 PS5 Golden Rock units.

Sony PlayStation 5 can also be dressed in crocodile skin

The Alligator version of PS5 customized by Caviar.

If you are looking for something luxurious and relatively affordable, you can buy the Alligator version for the mnemonic amount of $ 8140, equivalent to 6745 euros at the current conversion rate.

This version covers both panels and DualSense controls with crocodile leather, in addition to the 24-carat Caviar logo in gold. The appearance is more discreet, but the texture remains as a differentiating point of the new Sony console.

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The Alligator edition is limited to 99 units, being relatively more accessible.

Sony PS5 Carbon Caviar
The Carbon version of the PS5 customized by Caviar.

Finally, we also have the Carbon edition of the PS5, limited to 99 units and costing 5830 dollars, or about 4830 euros. Uses carbon fiber to coat both console panels and both DualSense controls.

Anyone interested in these luxury versions?

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