Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Public suspects Erasmo Viana and heartthrob of Globo after separation from Gabriela Pugliesi

The announcement of the end of Erasmo Viana e Gabriela Pugliesi took a lot of people by surprise, however, on Twitter, a nasty rumor ended up spreading over him and a heartthrob from Globe.

After the influencer assumed he was wrong with the blonde, many people remembered an old report by the journalist Fabíola Reipert about two celebrities who got involved in Jericoacoara, Ceará.

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In 2016, she said that “A handsome actor stayed with several guys and hit some committed guys, including ended up in the dunes with the boyfriend of a girl who is well known on the internet”.

“At one point, they were both on the beach …”, said the report. At the time, Internet users sought to know who was in Jericoacoara and came across Erasmo and Marcos Pitombo.

Everything is just rumors, however, the names of the two ended up in the most commented subjects of social networks this Tuesday (23), with insinuations that the heartthrob would have been the pivot of the breakup.

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When commenting on the subject, Gabriela Pugliesi fired:

I ended my marriage, yes. I was in shit for two days. Then after that, I raised my head, understood everything and thanked God, because that’s how it is. Erasmus was wrong with me, but he is by no means a bad person. Everyone was and nobody is here to point the finger at anyone”.

The fitness muse explained that the decision to break the romance came from her, because she was very determined:

Life teaches that, just as he chose a path, I also chose mine, which was to end our marriage, because, in addition to being very determined, I am a very practical woman. In the same intensity that I love when I must love, I let go when I know it’s something that doesn’t do me much more. This is good on the one hand”.

In the opportunity, the famous revealed a difficult process that had been going through in the last months. With the dream of being a mother, she ended up suffering after having several unsuccessful attempts.

Now that I’m separated, I can speak to you calmly. So, I tried to get pregnant for 1 year and three months, with treatment, with insemination, I used a lot of hormones to induce ovulation. There were many attempts, but all were unsuccessful. Whoever is a woman, wants to get pregnant and can’t, knows how frustrating it is every time it doesn’t work. I had no idea how difficult and painful this would be. My body completely changed, my head went crazy. There were days when I thought I was depressed, in others I was radiant. There are many hormonal spikes”.

Finally, she reinforced the affection she feels for her now ex-partner: “Erasmo and I are not fighting. He is a person that I like a lot, I respect our history too much. He has a good heart and I believe that ”.

Check out the repercussions:


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