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Seniors over 60 years of age may receive doses left over in the capital

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People over 60 years of age in the city of São Paulo will be able to vaccinate themselves with remaining doses of the immunizing agent in the health posts of the municipal network, informed the health secretary of the capital, Edson Aparecido. For this, a waiting list will be made, and the elderly will be called if there is a surplus.

“The elderly over 60 years old can look for our health units. We are making a waiting list, so, in case there are those doses that remain, we call the elderly so they can have the vaccination. If you have bedridden elderly, our teams go to the person’s home to vaccinate them. We’ve also always tried to use single bottle doses at the end of the day so there’s no waste whatsoever, ”he explained in an interview with CNN.

The secretary explained that the registration and consultation of the nearest unit can be done on the city hall website ( “We have a schedule to receive the new doses for the age group of 80 to 85 years to start vaccination on March 1,” he added.

The secretary also said that 21% of people hospitalized in the city do not reside in the capital of São Paulo. In addition, the city’s hospitals have 70% of the ICU beds occupied, and from Saturday (20) until Monday (22) there was an increase of 5%. This is the highest occupancy rate in the past three months.

“Twenty-one percent of the hospitalized people do not live here in the city of São Paulo. Therefore, there is already a lot of pressure from other municipalities in the metropolitan region and the rest of the state, where there has been a very accelerated increase in cases, even occupying beds here in the capital ”, he explained.

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According to the municipal secretary, the state contingency committee will meet later this Tuesday (23) to be able to analyze new measures that will be implemented throughout the state and in the metropolitan region to prevent the spread of the virus.

“It is very worrying. We are monitoring respiratory symptoms in the entire city and testing those who have symptoms so that we can be monitored, and [evitar] that this can be reversed in a short time in an increase of deaths in the city ”, stated Aparecido.

“We need to adopt measures and today we have a meeting with the municipality’s health surveillance and then with the contingency committee. We need to take joint action with the entire state and the metropolitan region. This process of raising cases and hospitalizations is widespread in the state. Taking isolated measures at this time will not be effective in controlling the spread of the disease, ”he continued.

The state of São Paulo reached the highest number of hospitalizations since the beginning of the pandemic, the government of São Paulo confirmed during a press conference on Monday (22).

Currently, there are 6,410 patients admitted to intensive beds. Before, the highest number had been 6,250 in July 2020.


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