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STF and STJ offensives seal siege of Lava Jato after new messages revealed

The new wave of messages between Lava Jato prosecutors, used in Operation Spoofing, closed the siege against members of the Curitiba task force. The conversations recently revealed include offensives at the Federal Supreme Court (STF), the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) and the Federal Audit Court (TCU). The information is from CNN anchor Daniela Lima.

Over the weekend, the TCU opened an investigation to lift all court calls to members of the task force. There is a suspicion that a technician broke into the system to provide tips for the Lava Jato team in Curitiba, including sensitive information.

TCU Minister Bruno Dantas said that, at the moment, he will not ask for copies of messages between prosecutors, but if necessary, he may request the material.

The president of STJ, Humberto Martins, as CNN policy analyst Thaís Arbex anticipated, opened an investigation on Friday (19), to ascertain the information that the Lava Jato task force had conversations with members of the Revenue to investigate STJ members and their relatives unofficially.

Martins has relatives cited in Lava Jato investigations, as well as other STJ ministers.

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Headquarters of TCU (Federal Audit Court), in Brasília
Photo: Disclosure / TCU

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