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Home Breaking News The Lava Jato horror show never seems to end - 02/23/2021

The Lava Jato horror show never seems to end – 02/23/2021

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“If we don’t do something, we will fall into disrepute,” warned attorney Orlando Martello Júnior, speaking to his colleagues at Lava Jato. The episode he was referring to, in a hacked conversation from a messaging app, is really a scabrous thing. A real challenge for those who are still trying to defend the vigilantes of Curitiba with the refrain that they only committed “small mistakes”.

The revelation of this last wave of leaked dialogues surprises even those who expected the worst barbarities on the part of Deltan Dallagnol, Sergio Moro and co. If what is said there is proved, federal delegate Érika Marena simply forged the testimony of a witness that she did not, in fact, question.

Dallagnol’s speech could not be more clear. “As Erika explains: she understood that it was our request and drafted a statement of testimony as if she had heard the guy, with a clerk and everything, when she heard nothing … It gives at least a falsehood … DPFs are easily exposed to problems administrative “, said the prosecutor.

Then, Martello Júnior warns of the risk of discredit. As a way out, he suggests calling the witness to make a real statement. “We can talk to her and see what strategy she prefers,” he says, referring to the delegate.

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Through the dialogue, we learned that it was not the first time that the Lava Jato gang allowed themselves such barbarity. “The same happened with padilha and others”, says Martello Júnior. “I already said, the biggest fault is ours. We were careless !!! All of us, where I include myself. It was an obvious thing we didn’t see. We trust the advs and the collaborators. We really made mistakes!”.

The “mistakes” you comment on are actually a string of crimes. According to the dialogues, Érika Marena invented a testimony and the same happened with other witnesses (it is not known if the delegate was the same).

As Deltan confirms, this is at least ideological falsehood, but it can be framed in several other articles.

Along with Marena, all the prosecutors who learned of this absurdity and did not report the policeman prevaricated and are conniving with her. The chat shows that, instead of fulfilling the functions for which they are paid, the prosecutors were concerned with protecting the delegate.

The contents of the dialogues would already be sordid enough, but everything gets worse when it is known that the fictional testimony is part of the investigation that led to the arrest of the rector of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Luiz Carlos Cancellier, a very respected man in the middle academic. All the while, the accused claimed that the alleged crime they accused him of was just an administrative imbroglio, with no major consequences.

It didn’t help. The operation that arrested the dean and six other professors was one of Lava Jato’s most striking, with 115 policemen invading UFSC as if looking for a highly dangerous criminal.

Cancelier was sent to the Florianópolis penitentiary, his feet were chained, his hands handcuffed, subjected to an intimate search and sent to the maximum security wing.

He was released 30 hours later, but was traumatized. According to relatives and friends, he was no longer able to go out on the street, ashamed of being identified as corrupt. In October 2017, he committed suicide.

In addition to the abuses, the investigation was full of inconsistencies raised at the time by the defense of the rector. The family denounced the delegate to the Ministry of Justice, but the investigation that investigated Érika Marena’s conduct cleared her.

Later, the delegate was honored by Sergio Moro, who gave her an important position in the Ministry of Justice. He left when the ex-judge resigned from his portfolio.

If it were not enough what has come to light since The Intercept Brasil launched the series of revelations from Vaza Jato, the dialogues now released leave no doubt about the nature of anti-corruption advocates.

Journalist Mônica Bergamo reveals today, in Folha de S. Paulo, that ministers of the Supreme Federal Court asked André Mendonça, holder of the Justice portfolio, to investigate the case. Let the counting be rigorous.

As the column observed several times, sustaining praise for the vigilantes of Curitiba arguing with the values ​​they recovered for the public coffers allows to defend militiamen who in the Rio communities say they fight bandits using criminal methods.

It is intriguing, however, that among the convicted lavajatistas there are lawyers and other readers of the Constitution, who seem to ignore something basic: justice cannot be done without complying with the laws.

When this rule is not followed, the scene of policemen leading an accused to prison takes on another meaning. Eventually it may even be that the prisoner is guilty, but the one who should be the hero of the story is a criminal too.


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