Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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There are 252 inmates with Covid-19 in Portuguese prisons. Outbreak with 72 cases in the Prison of Lisbon forces to suspend visits – Obs …

The Directorate-General for Reinsertion and Prison Services (DGRSP) counted, this Thursday, 252 inmates with Covid-19 – 72 of whom in Wing E of the Lisbon Prison, who are “Separated and isolated from the rest of the prison population”. Majority is asymptomatic.

The outbreak in Ward E began when two inmates tested positive for SARS-CoV-2. Following the current contingency plan, the Lisbon Prison Establishment carried out, on Wednesday, rapid tests on workers and 215 prisoners assigned to the prison wing. The result? 72 inmates tested positive for the disease in an operation that implied “a great logistical mobilization”, it reads in the DGRSP’s situation.

The prison body signals that the Lisbon Prison establishes the separation and isolation of infected prisoners from the rest of the prison population and it also ensures that they are “under permanent monitoring by health professionals”. Common activities, such as visits to prisoners, have been suspended, the use of a surgical mask has become mandatory “at all times and spaces” and there will be an “increased monitoring of the prisoners’ health”. And it will also be repeated new tests on inmates who tested negative, due to the disease incubation period.

In relation to the rest of the prison population in the country, DGRSP reports 252 active cases in 11,239 prisoners and totals 788 clinically recovered cases. There is 82 staff members of the organization with Covid-19, 461 of which were considered clinically recovered. Furthermore, there is currently no record any infection with young people admitted to educational centers, with nine cases clinically recovered since the beginning of the pandemic.

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“DGRSP, in conjunction with public health, will continue to develop prevention and clinical follow-up work that allows the favorable resolution of registered cases ”, reinforces the DGRSP.



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