Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Totti criticizes Roma’s management and sets an example for Benfica and Rui Costa – Italy

Eternal Roma captain criticizes Italian club model

Francesco Totti, eternal captain of Roma, who some time ago abandoned the position of sports director at the club where he spent his entire sports career, criticized the management model adopted by those responsible.

“The owners are foreigners, as well as the coach and the sports director. Putting a competent person, who knows Roma and is from Roma would be the best to act as an intermediary between the club and the team … It is a coincidence that everyone the great ex-players not joining clubs? Is it a coincidence? If I had a football team I would call many ex-players and put them in various positions in the structure. Whoever has played knows about football. Rui Costa is doing that. Have you done good things at Benfica? Yes, I know! Tiago (Pinto) said to me, he is number two there, “he revealed in an interview broadcast by ‘Corriere dello Sport’. The former Italian international was tough on the team coached by Paulo Fonseca and ended up setting the example of Benfica to explain what would change in Rome.

By Luís Magalhães


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