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Trio command Atltico in eventual transition between Sampaoli and new coach

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If you don’t hire a new coach by this Thursday – the last day of work for Jorge Sampaoli -, The Atlantic will be led by a trio of professionals from the permanent technical committee. Assistants Lucas Gonalves and der Aleixo, in addition to physical trainer Ricardo Seguins, will be in charge of training and games.

“At first, this group is going to follow up, because they are, differently from what many say, supporters, follow the training, participate in the training. So, the idea that we change as little as possible in this sense while we still have a new commander ”, justified the football director Rodrigo Caetano.

If it is really necessary, Lucas Gonalves will be responsible for leading training and fulfilling the role of coach at the edge of the field in games.

On the way to France’s Olympique de Marseille, Sampaoli’s technical committee heads the Atlantic against Palmeiras this Thursday at Mineiro. The game, scheduled for 21h30, is valid for the 38th – and last – round of the 2020 Brazilian Championship.

On Friday, already without Sampaoli, players train from 10 am in the city of Galo. It is possible that the new technician has not yet been hired. Rodrigo Caetano himself said he will not rush the search for the Argentine’s replacement.

“We will have the calm, without being slow, within a speed, without being in a hurry, for the choice of the new commander”, pointed out the leader.
This wait for the new coach can be extended to March. Appointed as a favorite of the athletics board, Renato Gacho has a contract with Grmio until the next 7th, date of the return match of the final of the Copa do Brasil against Palmeiras.

According to Rodrigo Caetano, Atltico still does not negotiate with the coach. At first, however, the Minas Gerais club did not see Renato’s permanence in Grmio until the decision of the knockout tournament.


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With or without a new coach defined, the Atlântico board will have a meeting with players on Friday, the day after the last game of the Brazilian – and the consequent end of the 2020 season. The club will give the most stressed athletes a rest period.

“Some of the athletes who had more minutes in the course of 2020 will receive a few days of recess. We will also discuss the definition in relation to this period. Others start together with the transition team, making a partnership, to start the state championship. Then, at the front, we will assess whether or not we will give a break to those who start now ”, said Rodrigo Caetano.

Atltico starts the dispute for the 2021 Mineiro Championship this Sunday, just three days after the conclusion of the 2020 season. Current champion, the alvinegra team receives the URT, in Mineiro, starting at 18h15.

The idea of ​​the club is to rest the players most used to have them in the best possible physical shape in the second half of April, when the group stage of the Copa Libertadores begins.

See, in the gallery below, the 45 clubs classified for the continental competition:


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