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Tybring-Gjedde tops Frp’s proposed list in Oslo

Christian Tybring-Gjedde is at the top and is followed by Jon Helgheim on the nomination committee’s new proposal for a parliamentary list for the Oslo Progress Party.

– I am both humble and grateful. It has been a tough six months for Oslo FrP. Now I hope we can unite and run a positive and optimistic election campaign, writes Tybring-Gjedde in an SMS to TV 2.

He emphasizes that it is now the nomination meeting that adopts the final list, and that there are certainly some who would like the proposal to look different.

In third place is proposed Aina Stenersen, the party writes in a press release. Stenersen was the party’s top candidate for the city council in Oslo in 2019. In fourth place is Maria Zähler. According to TV 2’s experience, Stenersen volunteered for second place if Tybring-Gjedde moved as a result of Siv Jensen’s exit. But there figures another politician.

– Stunning

Namely Jon Helgheim, who is today elected to the Storting from Buskerud.

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He thinks it is very nice that he is now wanted in a second place on Oslo FRP’s parliamentary list.

– I have a lot of respect for the processes in Oslo, as I now signed up in another county other than my own. I must say that the welcome has been overwhelming. It seems that many are engaged in me getting a seat in the Storting, says Helgheim to TV 2.

Party leader Carl I. Hagen was also proposed by at least one city council in Oslo, but does not appear on the nomination committee’s proposal for a list.

– Carl from Oppland

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Ketil Solvik-Olsen, who heads the interim board in Oslo, believes that the board has now set up a top quartet that shows breadth, and gathers both long experience and youthful courage.

– Helgheim is a rare opportunity to get a nationally known name on the list as a replacement when Siv resigned. Aina is experienced from the city council while Maria represents a new generation, says Solvik-Olsen to TV 2.

Critical of three top FRP men: – I am quite shocked

After the county team was placed under administration, an interim board has taken on the task of both the nomination committee and the nomination committee, a mandate given to them by the party’s central board.

When asked why Hagen is not on the list, Solvik-Olsen answers:

– Many in Oslo think we should not have three men at the top. Carl has first place in Oppland, and then we choose Christian and Jon in Oslo. The FrP team is overall stronger by having the quartet we have gathered at the top and getting Carl from Oppland, says Solvik-Olsen.

TV 2 was able to report yesterday that there were clear objections in the county team against putting three men on the top parliamentary list.

It can still happen as Hagen has previously signaled that he is willing to take up the fight with Stenersen for third place.

Hagen has not yet responded to TV 2’s inquiries today.

Peter N.Myhre as county leader

The nomination committee has also come up with a proposal for a new county board, with Peter N. Myhre as chairman and Andreas Meeg-Bentzen and Karin S. Woldseth as deputy chairmen.

Peter N. Myhre is proposed as the new county leader in Oslo Frp

As TV 2 was able to report yesterday, Myhre was wanted by more local team leaders as the new county leader.

The Progress Party currently has two seats in the Storting from Oslo. The nomination committee had to make a new list in a hurry when Siv Jensen resigned on 18 February.

The nomination meeting will be held on 13 March, and the annual meeting on 6 March.


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