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War against dengue: Betim performs on Tuesday actions in the central region

According to the first LIRAa done in the city, in January this year, the municipality has a high rate of Aedes aegypti infestation

The Municipality of Betim, in the metropolitan region, continues to intensify actions to combat the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits dengue, zika, chikungunya and urban yellow fever. This Tuesday (9), community leaders, Agents to Combat Endemics and professionals from Basic Health Units (UBSs) are making visits to the properties of the regional center.

On the occasion, they will approach residents to advise them on measures to combat the vector, in addition to collecting containers that can serve for the development of the larvae and eliminate the outbreaks found.

According to the first Rapid Survey of Indexes for Aedes Aegypti (LIRAa) carried out in Betim, in January this year, the municipality has a high rate of Aedes aegypti infestation. This means that, for every thousand properties visited, in 49 mosquito larvae were found (4.9%), therefore above the 1% level considered satisfactory. The worst-off region is Petrovale, with an infestation rate of 11.4%.

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Last year, due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the Ministry of Health suspended the conduct of the research, which aims to guide the municipality on actions at identified critical points.

For the director of Health Surveillance in Betim, Nilvan Baeta, the result is worrying. “It may be a reflection of the pandemic that, unfortunately, made it impossible for agents to enter many properties to control outbreaks. Many also reported that, in most of the houses surveyed, a greater accumulation of garbage and possible breeding sites was found ”.

In an attempt to curb the mosquito’s reproduction, the city once again intensified its actions of orientation, cleaning and visiting buildings and vacant lots, especially in the regions that had the highest rate of infestation.

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“Soon, sound cars will travel through the regions with more breeding sites, to advise the population on the precautions against the proliferation of Aedes. We will also post signs in places that today are used as a throw-away, and reinforce the performance of the project in which students of technical and higher level, together with nurses, visit companies and public spaces to give lectures on arboviruses and do the distribution educational material about it ”, completed Baeta.

Hiring and fine

At the same time, the city also informed that it is carrying out a bidding process for the hiring of a company that will carry out the selection process to hire another 150 Endemic Combat Agents and will soon publish a municipal decree with rules and fines for those who insist on not eliminating mosquito outbreaks.

“ The new agents will help to reinforce visits. The decree, on the other hand, will better guide the work that is already done by the inspectors of the Health Surveillance. Unfortunately, until then, our aim was more educational and guidance. But, given the infestation rates presented, we will reinforce the application of the fine to those who are notified and assessed several times and do not eliminate the breeders, just as it is being done with establishments that do not comply with the sanitary rules against Covid ”, warned Baeta.

Next week, the Municipal Committee for Confronting Dengue will meet with the Department of Health to define the contingency plan with an epidemiological profile against dengue. “With it, we will be able to know health indicators and how we should act, in case there is an outbreak of dengue, such as, for example, opening hydration rooms in the city”, he concluded.

Check the dates of the next actions:

February 9th: concentration at Campo de São João neighborhood, at 8 am

February 23, in the Jardim Petrópolis neighborhood: concentration in the Imperial square, at 8 am

March 9th, in the Bandeirinhas neighborhood: concentration at the José Salustiano Municipal School, at 8 am

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