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Woman (77) invested her legacy in an investment abroad – NRK Dokumentar

– I thought I had been stupid, and that it was my own fault, says the now 77-year-old woman from Bergen.

She regrets a meeting in Spain 15 years ago. Another holiday guest, a man named Ove Magne Gustavsen, persuaded her to invest money in an investment project.

– He called me when I had come home and asked if I wanted to make money. “Yes, I will,” I said. But I did not have that much money then, the woman says.

Got no papers

Then her father died. The woman was left with an inherited sum of money in the account.

She says she was persuaded by the Arendalite Gustavsen to invest first 100,000, then new 50,000 kroner.

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– It was about trading. It was now okay to earn a few kroner, the woman says.

CONVICTED: Ove Magne Gustavsen persuaded the woman to invest.


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She never received any documents confirming the investment. She trusted Gustavsen.

– Ove is very outgoing. Fantastically good at talking to oneself, the woman says.

– I have never heard a man who speaks so well for himself, the daughter adds.

Collected millions

After the daughter understood what her mother had done, she has assisted her several times in trying to get her money back. All they have received are weekly updates on SMS about the project, signed “JH” or “Jan Helge”.

– I have never met Jan Helge, says the 77-year-old.

Ove Magne Gustavsen was featured in the Brennpunkt documentary ” The Million Adventure” on 25 January. He has raised at least 10 million kroner, according to his own estimates, for the project that would make investors rich.

NRK has an overview of close to NOK 50 million that will be invested by Norwegians.


What is the “Million Adventure” that people have invested in?

for answers

For more than 15 years, a group of Scandinavians has been recruiting investors for a project that would gather value in various funds in tax havens.

Funds in tax havens should contain old money

Some came from Nazi Germany. Investors who could help redeem the enormous values ​​should receive a share of the return. They were promised two to four times the bet back.

Store summer

NRK and SVT have documented that at least 116 million Swedish kronor and close to 50 million Norwegian kroner have been collected. The actual amounts may be higher. One of the main men claimed in Swedish law in 2010 that 255 million Swedish and 92 million Norwegian kroner had been collected.

Investors are updated weekly on the status of the “Project”

The group claims that the company Fairmont LTD is the tool to get the money out. It must be registered in Switzerland, but NRK has not found documentation for that.

Several of the documents that the perpetrators have used to show that the “Project” is real, have turned out to be false

Several of the bank meetings to which the culprits refer have not taken place, NRK investigations show. The alleged main bank in Switzerland also does not know about the “Project”.

Ecocrime acted

The suspected Norwegian principal was arrested on January 29, 2021, charged with aggravated theft of NOK 7.5 million

Was lured to invest millions – 15 years later the money is still gone

Supposed principal imprisoned

After NRK told the story, several investors have contacted. The suspected Norwegian principal Jan Helge Furu has been arrested, charged with aggravated theft of NOK 7.5 million. On Saturday, he was remanded in custody for two weeks with a ban on letters and visits.

– I was shocked when I saw it on TV, the 77-year-old says.

She did not know the scope of the investment project until she saw the documentary.

– I got a lump in my stomach first. And thought “yes yes, it is my own fault that has gone on this”. But at the same time, it has been nice to know the truth.

Jan Helge Furu arrested

ARRESTED: Jan Helge Furu (right) was arrested on Friday in Bærum, in a police operation launched by Økokrim.


– Felt threatened

After the interview with the woman was done, NRK contacted Ove Gustavsen to give him the opportunity to respond to the accusations.

A few minutes later, he called the woman and asked her not to talk to the media.

– He continued to gyve on, as a threat. He said that because we did this, no money came. “You just have to take care of yourself,” he said. It was threatening, the woman thinks.

NRK has contacted Gustavsen to give him the opportunity to comment on the telephone conversation that the woman perceived as a threat. He has so far not responded.

The woman is in contact with the police and will report the matter.

Watch the documentary here:

They invested millions and were promised billions. For over 15 years, Norwegian small savers have been waiting for the win. But now the main man is gone.


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