Sunday, March 7, 2021
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Zema announces the arrival of a new batch of vaccines against COVID-19 in Minas Gerais

New doses of the vaccine will arrive in MG, guarantees the governor Romeu Zema (New) (photo: Alexandre Guzanshe / EM / DA Press)

In the war against the new coronavrus, the arrival of new vaccines j a small victory. The governor Romeu Zema (New) announced on social media this Tuesday (23/02) that new doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 are to arrive in Minas Gerais.

Despite not yet having a quantity for the state, the head of the state executive guaranteed new doses of the immunizer. “Minas receive more vaccines against COVID-19! The Ministry of Health guaranteed the sending of 3.2 million doses to the States. By the end of the day, the National Immunization Program will inform the quantity for Minas Gerais, ”he wrote.

Minas Gerais was running the risk of running out of immunizers to continue the campaign to prevent the new coronavirus, with a deadline of March 21. The total number of doses dispatched by the Ministry of Health to the state was 1,171,180 until the second week of February, according to the Secretary of State for Health (SES-MG).

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However, from the moment the vaccines began to be inoculated, there were 342,152 applications of first and 48,040 of second doses. A rate of 19,510 administrations against the virus per day which, if maintained, would deplete the mining stock in 38 days.

In Minas Gerais, for one of the vaccines to reach a person, it must be delivered to the Ministry of Health by the manufacturer and dispatched to the State Cold Network Center of Minas, then sent to each of the 28 Regional Health Centers in the state of São Paulo. then go to the health departments of the 853 municipalities. Therefore, the pace of supply depends on the acquisition by the Ministry of Health.


Source link,1240079/zema-anuncia-chegada-de-novo-lote-de-vacinas-contra-covid-19-a-minas.shtml

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