Thursday, March 4, 2021
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Home Business Bradesco announces changes in executive and cites competitive and covid challenges

Bradesco announces changes in executive and cites competitive and covid challenges

Bradesco announced changes in the executive, citing the objective of addressing the challenges of this decade, marked by increased competition in the financial sector and also the economic effects of the new coronavirus pandemic. In this sense, it decided to create a vice-presidency focused on customers, expanding the bank’s high level from four to five vice-presidencies, and also appointed a president for Next, its digital bank.

“We need to respond to this challenging moment by investing in people, knowledge and technology”, evaluates Bradesco’s president, Octavio de Lazari, in a note.

According to him, the changes comprise two objectives of attention: the increase of competitiveness via digital service, which skyrocketed in the midst of the pandemic, and focus on the demands and needs of the client. “The changes that we have been experiencing for some years now imply relevant transformations in our activity. With the pandemic, this dynamic has accelerated ”, says the executive.

In addition to the technological aspect, Lazari draws attention, among other factors, to changes in the form of monetary policy, the competition generated by open banking, which will allow the sharing of customer data between institutions, and the new means of payment.

“These changes are an evolving process, not a photograph at the moment, with several implications for the risk balance of banking activity. Therefore, it is natural to address appropriate responses such as the ones we announce today, which have the purpose of preserving and expanding our wealth production capacity to shareholders ”, he adds.

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The customer-focused vice-presidency will hold the position of Chief Customer Officer (CCO). The priority, according to Lazari, is to invest in “the best customer experience with the bank”, taking into account their needs and dissatisfactions.

The CCO will be Vice-President Rogério Câmara, who was promoted from the Executive Board. Under his management will also be the areas of Systems Development, IT Architecture, Data Management, CRM and Bradesco Experience.

To lead Next, Bradesco appointed Renato Ejnisman, who will be the first executive in the presidency of the digital bank, which recently took on a life of its own after being created in 2017.

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Before, the executive was an executive officer and was responsible for Bradesco Asset Management (Bram), BAC Florida Bank, Foreign Exchange, Private and Corporate One. With the change, Ejnisman leaves his functions at Bradesco to have exclusive dedication to the expansion of Next, which adds today 4 million customers.

Bradesco also announced the promotion of departmental director Oswaldo Tadeu Fernandes to deputy executive director, as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) responsible for Controllership, Accounting and Social and Environmental Responsibility. With that, Fernandes joins the body of the bank’s Executive Board.

At Bradesco BBI, executive Felipe Thut was confirmed for the position of director of the investment bank, a role he held on an interim basis.

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