Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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Home Breaking News Closes construction site at Kronstad after infection

Closes construction site at Kronstad after infection

An employee has been diagnosed with covid-19.

Work on Kronstad nursery started in the spring of 2020. Photo: Geir Martin Strande (Archive)

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Bergen municipality closes the construction site Kronstad uppvekstun after proven corona infection.

The construction site is closed from Friday morning.

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An employee at the construction site was diagnosed with corona infection on Thursday night, the municipality writes in a press release.

– What I know is that infection has been proven there. The situation is now being mapped, says medical specialist Trond Egil Hansen in Bergen municipality.

All work stopped

The construction site at Kronstad uppveksttun currently has between 60-70 employees. The students at the school are currently living in temporary premises.

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Kronstad uppveksttun is scheduled to open in the autumn of 2022. Photo: Geir Martin Strande (Archive)

All work on the construction site was stopped during the morning hours on Friday. Everyone who has been on the construction site for the last ten days is asked to test themselves.

– We have encouraged everyone who has been on the building in the last ten days to get tested, says Ola Henning Målsnes, who is a communications consultant in the city council department for finance, industry and real estate.

Waiting for more test results

The agency for development and the contractor are in contact with the infection control office for further advice and guidance, the municipality states.

– When we get more test results in the next few days, and know if there are more positive cases, we take a new foot on the ground. In any case, the municipality will not open the construction site until we receive a clear signal from the infection control office, says Målsnes.

Has followed local building regulations

According to the municipality, the project has followed the current infection control rules for the construction industry. The project has also complied with the local regulations for construction sites, even after it formally expired on 28 February.

When asked if this makes the municipality reconsider the building regulations, Hansen answers that it is too early to say.

– Even if these extra strict rules were not continued, one must still have good infection control on construction sites.



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