Monday, March 8, 2021
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Customers book H1N1 vaccine in private clinics one month before doses arrive in CE – Metro

While many eagerly await the arrival of more vaccines against Covid-19, the concern with other diseases remains and alerts the people of Ceará to update the immunization schedule. The H1N1 flu, for example, has already generated reserves in private clinics in Fortaleza and other cities in the state, since the end of February.

In the capital, Clínica Alberto Lima has presented a demand of approximately 500 people since last week; at the Dra. Núbia Jacó Clinic, the number was almost 1,000, while the Previne Vaccines Clinic has already registered around 600 clients pending receipt of doses. In all of these, the forecast is for the end of next month.

In the case of businesswoman Janaina Almeida Bezerra, 42, the early search occurred due to the fear of disease contamination, having guaranteed the doses since last week. The extra care is due to the fact that his son Caio, currently 10 years old, has acquired H1N1 at six months of age during the first outbreak of the disease in Ceará.

“He was very ill and, for a very short time, he did not die. It was highly traumatic for me and the whole family. After that happened, every year I vaccinate not only my family, but everyone we have more contact with, such as the secretary and the nanny ”, he details.

After her son recovered from H1N1 at six months of age, businesswoman Janaina Almeida Bezerra, 42, conducts an early search to ensure the immunization of Caio, 10 years old, and Melissa, 2 years old

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Likewise, nurse Paula Xenofonte, 31, is also aware of the vaccination schedule. Every year he carefully monitors the dates to vaccinate his son, Julio Neto, 4 years old. For her, the action prevents further outbreaks of the disease, being a collective responsibility, which contributes not only to the health of your family, but to the population as a whole.

“I think vaccination is very important. We are in a moment undergoing the vaccination of Covid-19, but we can’t help but remember the other diseases that can be avoided with vaccination ”, he concludes.

Flu prevention

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According to the pediatrician and director of Clínica Previne Vacinas, Dr. Vanuza Chagas, it is necessary to be attentive to immunization against H1N1, despite all concerns with Covid-19. During the first months of the pandemic, still in 2020, it points out that the fall in the search for vaccination was felt in Ceará. “People were afraid to leave home, to go to health services. Last year we did not have a vaccination as we had in previous years ”, he reports.

This year, despite the increase in Covid-19 numbers in the state, Vanuza realizes that the reservations made already reflect a new concern with keeping the vaccination card up to date.

“The flu symptoms can coincide with those of the coronavirus. If I can be on my guard, since the Covid-19 vaccine will take time to reach the entire population, it is important that I protect myself from a disease that causes similar symptoms. So, it is important even to relieve the services and speed up the diagnostics ”, he explains.

The receipt of Covid-19 vaccine does not prevent immunization against other diseases. However, the pediatrician only emphasizes the need to respect the 14-day interval between immunizations.

Vaccination in the Interior

Reserves for the Influenza vaccine, which includes H1N1, H3N2 and two influenza B strains, have also been initiated in inland cities. In the case of the Immunne Clínica de search was registered in the three units of the company, located in the municipalities of Icó, Iguatu and even Cajazeiras, city of Paraíba. As he points out, the arrival forecast is for the 2nd half of March.

“This vaccine, due to its great importance for the vaccination of the entire population, always has an increased demand, waiting list and often queues for vaccination. We already have the list of vaccine reserves almost exhausted ”, points out the nurse and technician in charge of the units, Carolinne Torres.

The clinic is responsible for serving not only the population of its municipalities, but also the demand from neighboring cities.

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