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Home Health & Fitness Ozone therapy contributes to the treatment of diabetes wounds, did you know?

Ozone therapy contributes to the treatment of diabetes wounds, did you know?

Famous practice in Europe is highly sought after in Brazil for its proven benefits

The term ozonotherapy has received a lot of attention in recent years by Brazilians. Famous practice in Europe, it provides benefits for physical health by the balance it promotes to the body.

In this special health week WOMAN’S MONTH AT MAXIMUM, this theme could not be missing!

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“Ozone therapy is a hormonal modulator. It ends up modulating insulin. As it is a body detox, it puts the whole body in balance, including protecting against the comorbidities of this disease. For example: diabetic neuropathies, which end up evolving to amputation, which is the case of the diabetic foot. Another example is retinopathies, which are diseases of the retina, such as cataracts, which is also a comorbidity of diabetics. Ozone therapy, when it makes this modulation, balances the organism and avoids this comorbidity ”, Explain Marisa lima, nurse specialist in practice.

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Ozone therapy is a mixture of gases – oxygen and ozone – where the practice increases circulation, immunity and also combats oxidative stress, which is a villain for health. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory, fungal and bactericidal action. The utilities and applications are numerous, from palliative care with cancer to the aesthetic area. It is worth mentioning that all this use and practice need to be very well guided by qualified and trained professionals. “Ozone is very famous in Europe, it is on five continents and arrived in Brazil just 40 years ago. After success abroad, the Brazilian has followed the example of developed countries to have more health, which provides quality of life ”, explains Marisa Lima.

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The expert on the subject says that ozone has to be accompanied by other therapies to promote better results, for example nutritional. “It is no use doing ozone therapy and not having a balanced diet. Changing habits is essential for a good result. There are times when not even the insulin can handle it, there is that madness of the ups and since and nothing can handle it. That’s where ozone comes in, but mainly to avoid comorbidities ”explains Marisa. “I have patients who have that rise in insulin and, when they go up, they have to walk, for example. It is a set of factors that are associated with bringing well-being to a disease that has no cure ”.


Neuropathy, which makes the patient lose sensation in the foot, is one of the concerns of the diabetic. “He can get hurt that he won’t feel. Ozone therapy will prevent the wounds from developing and if it exists, it can work as a healing for that wound ”.

Marisa points out that this is a relatively inexpensive practice. “In the case of diabetics, the benefit is very great. A ‘diabetic foot’ progresses to amputation very quickly. With ozone therapy, healing also prevents something worse from happening ”, explains the specialist.

Doctor Care – offers health services with highly qualified and humanized treatment. The company has general practitioners, specialists, caregivers (HOME CARE / home health care), nurse nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, psychologists, pharmacists, nutritionists, among others. In addition, it works with Integrative and Complementary Practices aimed at disease prevention. It is headquartered in Alphaville and Perdizes – SP.

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