Saturday, February 27, 2021
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Will Big Fone play today? See the scheduled time for attraction BBB 21

Will Big Fone play today? After Friday's call (6), the expectations of BBB 21 (Big Brother Brasil 2021) for the next touch. But...

Hotel in beagle format is attraction in the interior of the USA – 02/05/2021

A bed and breakfast in the city of Cottonwood, Idaho, in the United States, attracts the...

Record announces end of attraction, SBT samba at 30 and Globo has phenomenon

Mylena Ciribelli, from “Esporte Fantástico”, Silvio Santos and Fernanda Vasconcellos in “A Vida da Gente” (Photo: Reproduction / Record / SBT / TV Globo) In...
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