Sunday, March 7, 2021
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New contestant and “mystery visit” promise to ‘shake up’ this Sunday’s gala

This Sunday's gala, February 21, promises strong emotions again. With four nominees with “nerves in fringe” to know who leaves and who stays...

“Big Brother”: contestant kicked out of the gala after insulting The Sweetest Popcorn, which threatened to leave the program – Actualidade

This Sunday, January 31, gala of "Big Brother - Duplo Impacto" was marked by the face-to-face between A Pipoca Mais Doce and Teresa, a...

Expulsion, new contestant and Teresa out of the gala for insulting Popcorn

Nthe Internet has already said that the gala of last Sunday, January 31, of 'Big Brother - Double Impact' was the most impactful of...
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