In new series, duo lets themselves be bitten by venomous bugs – 03/02/2020


Would you let yourself be bitten or bitten by the most venomous and scary animals and insects in the world just to make money and become (a little) famous?

For biologist Adam Thorn and animal keeper Rob Alleva the answer is yes.

The two star from next Saturday, in the streaming service of The History Channel, the disturbing – to say the least – series “Animal Attack” (in English “Kings of Pain” or the “Kings of Pain” in literal translation) ).

The two travel around the world (including to South America) in search of insects, arachnids, giant mandarin wasps, poisonous snakes and anything that moves and wants to snap at them. With or without poison.

The two propose to continue the so-called “pain scale” launched in the mid-1980s by entomologist Justin Schmidt.

Schmidt, now 73, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, is considered the human who has taken the most bites and bites (voluntary).

He has already been awarded the “Ig Nobel” prize, given annually to people who do the most unnecessary or useless studies in the world.

From the bites the professor created, like a wine sommelier, a classification of pains. Like “oh, this spider has citrus and earthy notes with a aftertaste of hazelnuts; or” this snake looks full-bodied with earthy touches “.

The series for now is out of pay TV and is only in streaming.

Thank God.

Program: “Animal Attack” (“Kings of Pain”)

Where: The History Channel online and Play

When: March 7 (Saturday)

Evaluation: Disturbing

Ricardo Feltrin at the Twitter, and Ooops website


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